A Piece of History

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Sheringham Little Theatre,

Sheringham Little Theatre, 2 Station Rd, Sheringham, Norfolk NR26 8RE, UK
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A daring lifeboat rescue when a faraway war came to the shores of North Norfolk is being re-lived by a youth drama production.

Locals were shocked in 1938 when gunfire out to sea signalled a skirmish linked to the Spanish Civil War taking place just 12 miles off the English coast.

People in Sheringham and Cromer looked out to sea and wondered what the noise was as shells from General Franco's navy ship Nadir holed the Spanish cargo vessel SS Cantabria.

Most of its 45 crew fled in lifeboats but Captain Aguelles, his wife and two children plus one crewman, stayed on board the sinking vessel - until they were plucked to safety by Cromer lifeboat with Henry Blogg at the helm.

The episode made national headlines and has now been reimagined by Sheringham Little Theatre's senior youth drama group.

Their show, A Piece of History, on Monday July 18 will re-tell and re-imagine the drama, as seafarers and children found themselves as innocent victims of an act of war.

Caius Law plays the captain, Zoe McKean the second steward and Tatiana Hardy is Henry Blogg, with other cast members playing multiple roles.

Director Ellen Waite said: "We are loving the challenge of bringing the drama which happened offshore on to the Sheringham stage - and showing the emotions of those involved.

"We are starting it off as a modern day school history lesson - which then comes to life."

It is an original piece of drama created in partnership with Norfolk Museums and Kick the Dust which promotes youth involvement in local heritage. It is being staged by 15 youngsters aged 11-17 who have also played an active role in developing the script.

The show runs at 7.30pm on Monday July 18 with donations on the door. Book a seat, and find out more about joining the Little Theatre's youth drama sessions at www.sheringhamlittletheatre.com

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